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Our partnership with the IITA to build a strategic relationship that will make investors see Agriculture Beyond food by integrating the five major pillars of a nation economy which includes Business, Education, Energy, Finance, and Health in Agriculture, with this our platform serves as a channel were both the public and private industries can invest into the benefits of agriculture and agribusiness.


In a recent publication released by the World Bank it was declared that there is urgent need for action in agriculture which is been amplified by recurrent spikes in global food prices, increasingly variable climate, shrinking global stocks of key grains in exporting countries, underperformance of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) related to nutrition and the associated risk of social and political tensions.  Yet investment returns in the sector can be high. Income gains in agriculture are no more costly to achieve than income gains in other sectors, and the associated growth originating from agriculture has been 2-4 times more effective at reducing poverty than growth originating from other sectors.


Therefore the future needs an agricultural system and channel that produces and will encourage about 50 percent more food to feed the world’s 9 billion people by 2050;  that provides food for adequate nutrition; that substantially raises the levels and resilience of incomes and employment for most of the world’s poor (75 percent of which live in rural areas and mostly rely on agriculture for their livelihoods); that provides environmental services, such as


1. Sequestering carbon

2. Managing watersheds

3. Preserving biodiversity

4. using finite land and water resources more efficiently


This system can be achieved with more and better investment in the sector, with more attention to addressing cross-sectoral linkages between agricultural actions and outcomes for economic growth, livelihoods security, the environment, nutrition, and public health. Such linkages were addressed in depth in the World Development Report 2008.



We call on your organization to join this great initiative by investing and supporting Agriculture through this platform and reach out to millions of audience who are ready to make Agribusiness a carrier and means of livelihood in both large and small scale.


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Corporate Farmers International is the first Agricbusiness/Agric media company to bring to Nigeria an Agrotainment Reality TV Show platform with the objective of attracting Nigerian and African youth and Corporate Nigerian get actively involved in Agriculture and see it as a business.



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